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JohnSon Services Company® provides a variety of fencing, gates, patios, and custom decks for our residential customers. We have years of experience in all types of fencing, decking, and masonry work. Our wide selection of wood, brick, wrought iron, vinyl, and chain-link fences can be complemented with matching wooden decks and masonry walls and columns. This gives our customers a great selection of functional and stylish designs that define and protect the property. Call us anytime for a free estimate!

New Fence Install

We understand that every property has specific needs and desires for their fencing project.  With fencing installations, clients will find that we fill a number of options to meet all these needs. After measuring the property and finalizing the design concept, we will go through and plant our posts and panels for the fencing. This can apply to both decorative and privacy fencing.

Fence Repairs

In some cases, when we are called out for an install, the fence is already in place on much of the property. With repairs, we work with the client to find the fencing that will best match the existing structure, so that transitions on the property are seamless. Further, we inspect the existing fence to make sure that all damaged areas are taken care of.

Fence Reinforcement

For both new and existing fences, we can also perform reinforcements in order to have better stability or physical protection. In these cases, we will sink steel poles in concrete as support, and bolt these poles to the panels of the fence. Further support can also be gained from adding crossbeams to the fencing.


We offer a variety of styles for both decorative and functional fencing, with options in materials ranging from chain link to vinyl.
wood fence

Wood Fences

Wood fences are one of the most popular fence types that we install.  Available in a wide range of styles, there are many designs that can suit the property.  For residents who like a more natural look, choices of cedar or rightwood can also give an organic feel to a perimeter barrier.  Our wood fences are also treated to reduce the possibility of warping, rotting, or splitting, and this guarantees the longevity of this addition to the yard.

privacy fence

Privacy Fences

Privacy fencing is available in a wide range of materials from wood to vinyl, which also gives customers a good selection based on their needs.  This type of fencing will provide a definite visual and personal barrier with the outside world, but some privacy fence types are also designed to block noise.  Along with the style of the fence, customers will also want to consider height and extent of the property that will require extra privacy.

wrought iron fence

Wrought Iron Fences

This very iconic style of fencing is not aimed at blocking line of sight, but is rather aimed at drawing it in.  Wrought iron fence types can be simple or ornate, and they have great strength and longevity.  Short version of wrought iron fencing can be used as a decorative fence for roses and other plants around the border of the property, while tall versions can also offer physical protection as a formidable boundary. We also offer fencing with puppy bars to help keep pets and pests out.

ranch fence

Ranch Fences

Our ranch fencing has the quality to be functional on the farm, but also has the aesthetic elegance to look perfect on any large property.  Dense and weather treated split rails work well when a lot of ground needs to be covered, and can be combined with mesh or wiring to keep livestock contained.

chain link fence

Chain Link Fences

Although chain link fence types do not give any privacy, they do serve a distinct purpose of definitively marking a barrier.  While we often install these fences at commercial lots, we also do many residential installations, as chain link cats as a good pet barrier.

driveway gates

Driveway Gates & Operators

Entry Gates and operators (access controls) can also become integral to the beauty and function of the fencing. Gates for walkways and driveways can be found in styles that match the existing fence types, or just make a statement on their own. With a well programmed access control, residents can also trust that it will be easy to get in, while still keeping others out.

decks and trellaces

Decks, Trellaces, & More

A variety of styles and custom designs can create a pleasant outdoor area. Our deck design and construction is also customized to fit the home and the property, with a choice of woods, stains, and general styles.

gallery picturestrex-perimeter-fencing.j

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is revolutionary in its unique design. For both the vertical and horizontal styles, the interlocking pickets create a fully private board-on-board look that is low maintenance, won’t rot and resists insect damage. Composite fencing has a natural appearance that continues to maintain a beautiful look throughout its life.  

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