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Golden Gate Park

Lake & pond Management

Understanding the problem is one of the biggest parts of any aquatic management program because each body of water is unique and is not created equal. Our first step will be to assess the condition of the resource and provide several options to meet the owner's expectations. We offer comprehensive urban lake and pond maintenance, chemical application, aeration system installation, and service plans for all your aquatic needs whether you’re an HOA in Houston or a ranch owner with a 100-acre lake.


The goals of the lake owner or manager will determine the methods we use to maintain the health, aesthetics, and overall use of the resource. We also provide expert lake and pond construction and design to maximize the use of the space and provide improved vegetation control of your lake or pond.


Lake & Pond Services 

  • Urban Lake Maintenance

  • Pond & Lake Construction/Design

  • Aquatic Chemical Sales & Applications

  • Aquatic Vegetation Control

  • Aeration Fountain Systems

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Our residential services include fencing, hardscape and landscape services.

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Our hardscape experts can create any design, from functional walls to decorative features.

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